Learning to Love Myself

"Carolina helped me to start loving myself, I think for the first time in my life. I have been able to access some very deep emotional hurt and transform the stories of my life. Carolina has helped me to be embodied in my own life and accept who I am and where I am at in the present. I have learnt to be 100% ok about listening to my own intuition and how to set clear boundaries and say no. I feel I have come in contact with my authentic self and have come to a place of loving acceptance of who I am. I loved how Carolina held the space so gracefully in which I could pour out and heal. I never imagined this was possible online."

- Katrina Atkins, 54, Australia

Best Investment I've Made

“The 3 months program with Carolina has been, by far, the best investment I've made this year. With Carolina’s loving guidance and support I managed to navigate a very challenging time in my life. I thought that a change of careers, divorce, financial instability, being out of shape, etc., were the cause of my anxiety, but Carolina has helped me realise it was a lack of self-esteem. Now I’m finally seeing my worth and learning to love myself everyday. I started my own business, decided to move cities and I haven’t felt this excited about life in a long time! PS: And I love her sexy chilean accent”

- Melanie H, 33, Australia

Warm, Gentle Soul

“ I recently had my first ‘deep dive coaching’ call with Carolina. Not only is she a warm, beautiful, gentle soul whom is easy to talk too. She is also very inspiring and helps you dig deep within yourself to reach your full potential. Her follow-up on me after the call, helped me to stay on track and to keep on shining and doing the work. Gracias bella!"

- N.C. 40, Holland

Remember Who I Truly Am

“Carolina guided me through powerful and safe processes to remember who I truly am at my core and encouraged me to lean into my emotions, re-frame my past and become fully and radically myself no matter what”

- M.O. 32, England


"My experience with Carolina has been truly remarkable. It has been such an enlightening and empowering journey. She creates an open, judgement free zone and provides such thoughtful insight. I am so grateful to be working with her and look forward to our sessions as they're truly a highlight of my week!"

- Gabrielle Baty, 28, USA