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RISE 2020

Sovereign Sensual Woman
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A red hot 8 week journey to radical self love, embodied empowerment

and unshakeable confidence

with Carolina.

Are you ready to become the most confident woman you know & cultivate the love that you’ve always dreamt of?

Are you looking at all this “new year, new you” posts, writing down your 2020 goals, but secretly worried that this year is going to be more of the same crap that’s been weighing you down?

The limiting beliefs, the constant negative self-talk, the unfulfilling relationships, the feeling that you're not quite living your purpose and full potential? 

Do you have a calling in your heart and a knowing in your bones that YOU were born for more?

Now is the time to get out of your own way, show up for yourself like never before, and see your world change.



RISE 2020

The 8 Week Self-Love & Self-Confidence Accelerator Program for Women Ready to Own 2020 and rise into the unleashed best version of themselves!

NO more holding back, babe!


RISE 2020 is the safe space for driven women like you to get real about what's preventing you from getting what you're looking for: the love, the career, the money and the relationships you want, and to be held fully accountable to mastering yourself.


Because you know you DESERVE to embody the Sovereign Sensual Queen that you actually are!

January 1st: You find yourself eagerly writing down your new year’s resolutions, and say to yourself,  “This is the year I will lose the weight, meditate, eat healthier, go to yoga, have green juices, get a better job and find true love/fix my relationships.”

“This year is gonna be different, this is gonna be MY year”

But two weeks into the new year and you are back to your old patterns...  just like last year, and the five years before that one.*facepalm*

I get you, babe! You’ve been putting in your best efforts to turn things around, because you’re tired of feeling insecure, lacking confidence, paralysed in perfectionism, trying to control everything, taking care of everyone and feeling disconnected from your power, your desires and your pleasure


You are ready to stop playing small and start living the life that you truly want….but somehow things remain the same. You’re spinning your wheels, getting emotionally exhausted in the process and not getting the results you want .-- A bold, joyful, exciting, abundant life where you feel  empowered, confident, sexy and truly sovereign.


Babe, nothing changes if nothing changes.

You’ve been trying to do it all alone, year after year, and you’ve only managed to prove to yourself that you can’t get what you want. So you start the negative self-talk and begin to believe it. But you want more because:

You know that a juicy, fulfilling life where you're feeling confident, excited and madly in love with yourself is possible...


🔥You’re ready -- so damn ready --

to put your foot down, and claim that THIS is the year you flip the script.

THIS is the year you RISE 🔥


RISE 2020

Sovereign Sensual Woman

A red hot 8 week journey to radical self love, embodied empowerment and unshakeable confidence with Carolina



 YOU, a  juicy, playful, sovereign, sensual, liberated woman, who feels DEEPLY connected to herself, worthy of everything she wants, attracting MORE yumminess into her life.


With more CONFIDENCE, WHOLENESS, and BONE-DEEP FULFILLMENT comes your ability to create MORE of every result you desire


Deeper relationships. Deeper peace. Deeper abundance on a cellular level.


Imagine everytime you face an obstacle, instead of getting triggered into a fear spiral, you feel confident in your bones you have what it takes to handle it and moving through it with ease,

using your female superpowers to overcome it.


This, and so much more, is possible when you learn the key emotional mastery skills you need to RISE.


Listen, sister: 

RISE 2020 is not here to “fix your life”. The truth is: You were never broken.


I’m here to help you learn the crucial skills, tools, and techniques you need to navigate your way back to

living so deeply anchored in empowerment, that nothing external can shake you.


Inside RISE 2020, you'll find your own joy and juiciness to go through life with confidence knowing you will get through anything.

What greater gift could you possibly give yourself?


Hey Gorgeous!

Self Love Expert and Relationship & Intimacy Coach for Women.

I’ve journeyed from deep roots of co-dependency and fear as a Latina woman brought up with very restricting values to becoming a fully embodied lighthouse, living in Bali & fulfilling my purpose.


I spend my time coaching women and men from all over the world to embracing their most lit-up lives, because I’m obsessed with helping my clients achieve results beyond their wildest dreams.

I'm Carolina.

And this is my manifesto:



I want you to believe down to your bones that you're worthy of all you desire. 

I want you to follow that dream even if you don't feel ready.

I want you to trust yourself  on a whole new level.

I want to see you unshakeably confident. Unapologetically yourself.

Anchored in self-love. Fully magnetic.

I want you to stand up for yourself.

Every. Single. Day.

And see your life change.


 Let's do this together! 

More about my work...

I've been mentoring women to love themselves more since 2012. I've seen thousands of women come to me and attend my classes feeling dull, disconnected and lacking self-esteem, and leaving feeling radiant, energised, vibrant and whole again.

You don’t need to live another year feeling small, insecure, carrying baggage from the past and like the lukewarm version of the woman you truly want to be!!⁣

Every single experience in your day to day, whether at work, family, dating, even working out, or commuting to your job, can be an alchemy lab to transform and uplevel your habits, patterns and behaviours...and start seeing the results you want.⁣


And when you step inside Rise 2020, buckle up sister. I’m going to show you how.

 What my clients have achieved

 (and what's possible for you too!)

"I originally reached out to Carolina because I could feel I was getting in my own way, there was a disconnect between my current behaviours and where I wanted to be, how I wanted to show up for myself and positively impact others.


Carolina opened my eyes to the reasons behind where these self-detrimental habits and negative self talk was coming from, why I was feeling shame, guilt, unworthiness or struggled to acknowledge certain emotions. I started to hone in on my power again and begin acting in alignment with my best self, by showing up as her I begun attracting work and therefore more money, strengthening relationships and feeling happier in myself again"

Rachel, 24


"Before working with Carolina I was struggling with so many things in my life, I didn’t know how to listen to my emotions, how to accept them, how to be kind with myself and so on.


As a result of working with her, I have learned how to love myself, I don’t feel constantly struggling anymore, now I recognise my emotions and I’m able to feel how I’m really feeling. I feel connected to myself.


I can see so much improvement in so many aspects of my life: now I have more clarity on my ideas and desires, I know what my boundaries are, I feel empowered so now I can really get to enjoy my life. I feel so happy and thankful for having had Carolina guiding me on this self development/discovery journey."

Gianina Hernandez, 35


"Carolina helped me to start loving myself, I think for the first time in my life. I have been able to access some very deep emotional hurt and transform the stories of my life.

Carolina has helped me to be embodied in my own life and accept who I am and where I am at in the present. I have learnt to be 100% ok about listening to my own intuition and how to set clear boundaries and say no.

I feel I have come in contact with my authentic self and have come to a place of loving acceptance of who I am.

I loved how Carolina held the space so gracefully in which I could pour out and heal. I never imagined this was possible online."

Katrina Atkins, 54


“The 3 months coaching program with Carolina has been, by far, the best investment I've made in 2019. With Carolina’s loving guidance and support, I managed to navigate a very difficult time in my life.

I thought that a change of careers, divorce, financial instability, being overweight, etc were the cause of my anxiety, but Carolina has helped me realize it was a total lack of self-esteem.


Now I’m finally seeing my worth and learning to love myself every day. I started my own business, decided to move cities and I haven’t felt this excited about life for a long time!

PS: And I love her sexy Chilean accent”

Lauren, 31


If only there were group of like-minded inspiring, loving and supportive women to have your back no matter what? There is.

What could happen if you opened yourself to the possibility of being guided to get honest with yourself and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be? Magic.

RISE 2020.

This is what you've been looking for

During your RISE 2020 journey, you’ll move from

🔥From disempowerment and confusion ⇒  exquisite embodied confidence.

🔥From codependency and victimhood  ⇒ liberating self-responsibility 

🔥From constantly stressed and drained  ⇒ vibrant, juicy & lit up

🔥From living in on emotional rollercoaster, feeling overwhelmed and helpless about your feelings  ⇒ living anchored in healthy self mastery of your emotions 

🔥From limiting beliefs, negative mindset and emotional reactivity  ⇒ aligned beliefs and behaviors

🔥From lack of self-confidence & self-esteem  ⇒ feeling like the most delicious woman in the whole room.

🔥From feeling meh about your sexuality and sensuality  ⇒ embodying the radiant, connected and lit up woman that you truly are!

🔥From an average dating and sex life  ⇒ experiencing more pleasure and orgasms than you ever thought it was possible!

  • 4 Live Video masterclasses & workbooks with all the knowledge to understand, heal and re-wire your old patterns + all the juicy tools and practices to keep you aligned ($1600 Value)

  • 4 x 60 Minute Live group coaching calls to light you up, motivate you, and keep you accountable.

  • You’ll have NO CHANCE but RISE, baby! ($2400 Value)

Private Facebook Group Support

($800 Value)


To Make Sure You Don’t Slip Through The Cracks with Daily support and inspiration from this incredibly special sisterhood.

You will get an aligned tribe and friends for life and daily access to me to motivate you and support you through any challenge you may encounter!

Weekly RISE Playwork to keep your vibes high and your patterns shifting for sustainable mastery...while inviting fun + pleasure into everyday life! ;)

($1600 value)


  • Embodiment practices

  • Guided meditations

  • Self love rituals

  • Shadow work prompts

  • Accountability partner

  • Support group

  • Worksheets and audios/ videos for the practices above

This is the Emotional Tool Kit you'll wish you had learn at school!

Life changing stuff!


Whats Included

RISE 2020.



And right now, your place inside RISE 2020 is available to you for less than 10% of that!


When you step inside RISE 2020, all of this and more is available to you for a FRACTION of this. 


I’m committed to you getting results with ZERO excuse as to why you can’t:


 Because my biggest goal is to see you RISE!

RISE 2020 starts 2nd February

Limited spots available 


This is for you if

  • You want to feel fully happy in your own skin.

  • You want to become the most confident woman that you know.

  • You want to fall in exquisite love with yourself.

  • You want to cultivate juicy fulfilling and aligned relationships where you feel seen and fully met.

  • You’d love to learn how to express your needs, desires and fears and communicate healthily with your loved ones.

  • You want to reprogram your brain, beliefs and behaviours to get out of your own way.

  • You want to experience the feeling of “I got my own back cause I’m the queen of my life!” regardless of the obstacles life may throw at you.

  • ......And you're willing to “do the work” :)

RISE 2020

Group Coaching



 $497 pay in full

*Pay In Full Bonus: 50 Minute 1-1 Coaching Call with Carolina ($500 value)



  • 4 x Video masterclasses & workbooks

  • 4 x 60 Minute ‘Live’ group coaching calls 

  • Private Facebook Group Support 

  • WEEKLY RISE fun playwork


       - Embodiment practices

       - Guided meditations

       - Self love rituals

       - Shadow work prompts

       - Accountability partner

       - Support group

       - Worksheets and videos for the

         practices above

*Contact me directly for a Payment Plan 




RISE 2020

VIP 1:1

Roll out the red carpet - this is for the woman ready to have the HIGHEST LEVEL of support available!


VIP Option: 

 $1.297 Pay In Full 


VIP option includes everything from the Group Journey, PLUS:

  • 8 x 60 minute VIP private calls to dive deep & create a delicious and fully customised plan to see YOU rise and achieve your goals!

  • Private support with me via voice/text message during the 8 weeks of RISE 2020 to deepen insights, solidify mindset & behavioural shifts and ask for extra support any time you need it! I'll be in your corner babe!

*Contact me directly for a Payment Plan 





Want to be sure this is right for you? This is how it works,

Why this program will change your life:


My approach is HOLISTIC. No secret potions or false systems. We  work together with the 3 main elements required to RISE on a cellular level and create new neural pathways of lasting tansformation: Mind - Emotions - Body 


When we keep trying to analyse and think our ways through our problems and perceived “issues”, it just doesn’t work.. Lack of confidence or self love is not something you solve by overthinking!


Ladies, we change our lives through our bodies, through our senses, and by embracing our sexual and sensual power.


Once you learn to live in your body and out of your head, you’ll discover the power of your own energy! You will reconnect to pleasure, joy, fulfilment and receptivity of all the goodness you were designed to receive and enjoy.


Mind: Journaling - victim to heroine, mindset reframing, understanding our point A and B of our GPS journey, learning about core traumas and needs, attachment styles and and how to take care of that.


Emotions: Emotional Literacy - how to navigate feelings, how to change emotional states, emotional self care, relationships, boundaries and healthy communication. Re-wire yourself from Codependency into Sovereignty!


Body: Embodiment practices, fitness for energy and wellbeing, dance and movement for expression, Sensuality and Self pleasure rituals.